Mi TV Box & TV Sticks

Q: What are the pre-installed apps on a Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Store, Google Play Music, and Google Play Games are pre-installed on Mi TV Boxes & Sticks.

Q: What are the different output resolutions supported on the Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: Output resolution depends on your TV resolution. Mi TV Stick can support up to 1080p resolution at 60Hz. You can also restrict output resolution from Mi TV Box/Stick to lower than the highest capacity via the display output setting. For example: 480ip, 576ip, 720p or 1080p. The latest versions also support 4K and HDR technology.

Q: What are the video decoders supported on Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: The Mi TV Box/Stick supports VP9-10, H.265, H.264, VC-1, MPEG1/2/4, Real8/9/10 decoders, and RM, MOV, VOB, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4 video formats.

Q: Does the Mi TV Box/Stick have a Chromecast option?
A: Mi TV Box/Stick comes with Chromecast built in. You can cast content from all their favorite Apps across multiple devices (mobiles/tablets/laptops).

Q: Does the Mi TV Box/Stick support voice search?
A: Yes, Mi TV Stick comes with Google Assistant built in. You can press the voice button on the Mi Remote controller and search various queries like: Control entertainment: “Show me English action movies” Get answers: “What is the weather like today?” Plan your day: “How’s the traffic to work?” Control smart devices: “Set the Mi Air Purifier 3 to Auto”, etc.

Q: After the Mi TV Box/Stick is connected to the TV, what happens if the TV screen shows no signal?
A: There are several possible reasons: After connecting the TV, the TV terminal needs to select the signal source as HDMI. Check whether the HDMI cable is plugged in properly. It may be that it has not been used for a long time, and the Mi TV Box/Stick has entered into sleep state and can be woken up by pressing the POWER key.

Q: What happens when you press any key on the Mi TV Box/Stick, and the indicator does not light up?
A: It may be that the Mi TV box/stick has entered into sleep state and can be woken up by pressing the POWER key.

Q: How do I turn off the hibernation mode of Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: Go to Home > Settings > Device Preferences > Power key definition and select > Shutdown. 

Q: What should I do if the image exceeds the screen when using the Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: Enter the homepage > Settings > Device Preferences > Display > Screen Position > Zoom in/out screen, the shrinkage range is 80%~100%. Press OK to adjust the scale.

Q: Why does the Mi TV Box/Stick have a sound and no sound for a while when it is used?
A: You can check whether the volume of the remote control and the volume of the TV are turned on normally, and whether the output device connection (including HDMI cable and TV) is faulty.

Q: Why is the volume of one video played by the Mi TV Box/Stick exactly right, and the volume of the other video is too loud or low to be heard?
A: Our videos come from multiple video sources, there may be different volume levels of different video sources, please use the remote control to readjust the volume.

Q: I want to connect with the Mi TV Box/Stick from my Android or IOS device, but I don't find what happens to the device?
A: Please make sure that the Android or IOS device is connected to the Mi TV Box/Stick in the same Wi-Fi Network. There will be a screen icon on the interface during the opening of the picture or video playback to cast/airplay the screen.

Q: When using an Android or IOS device, when you select the Mi TV Box/Stick and click on the screen, the icon does not appear on the TV after flashing?
A: The connection may be caused by a network problem, please try to connect again. Please ensure the same Wi-Fi network is used on both devices.

Q: How do I upgrade the firmware version?
A: When an updated version is available, a corresponding prompt will pop up in the upper right corner of the homepage. Click the MENU key to enter the upgrade option. You can also manually detect the version in Home > Settings > System Settings > System Upgrade, upgrade online after discovering the new version.

Q: Can all TVs use the Mi TV Box/Sticks?
A: TVs with HDMI input interface or AV composite input function can use the Mi TV Box/Sticks. It is recommended that you use the Mi TV Box/Stick on a TV with HDMI to fully ensure the viewing effect.

Q: What is the minimum bandwidth support required to use a Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: In the case of bandwidth greater than 2Mbs, the normal use of Mi TV Box/Stick is guaranteed. If you need to watch HD or HDR content, the recommended bandwidth is no less than 4Mbs.

Q: What is the minimum power input required for a Mi TV Stick?
A: The Mi TV Stick requires a minimum power input of 5V, 0.1A. Xiaomi recommends to always use the power adaptor supplied with the TV Stick. Please note when using the Micro-USB to USB-A cable from the TV USB output, or other micro-USB power supplies, it may cause intermitten trestarting due to the minimum power standard not being achieved. 

Q: Can a Mi TV Box be connected to an external portable hard disk or U-disk?
A: Yes, as long as you have an OTG cable, you can directly connect to the portable hard drive or U-disks, and play movies from removable hard disks, and USB flash drives. This option is not supported on Mi TV Sticks.

Q: Can I download movies directly to Mi TV Box?
A: Yes, but this feature is still under construction. Not supported on Mi TV Sticks.

Q: When I use a Mi TV Box to download movies, where will the video files be stored?
A: The videos can be downloaded directly to a portable hard drive or USB disk. Not supported by Mi TV Sticks.

Q: Can IOS phones be connected to the Mi TV Box/Sticks?
A: iPhones, iPads, and iTouch can be connected to Mi TV Boxes/Sticks through IOS Airplay.

Q: Can the Mi TV Box/Sticks be connected to multiple devices at the same time?
A: Multiple devices can prompt each other.

Q: Can I mirror games directly to my TV when I play games on my mobile phone?
A: Not yet please stay tuned.

Q: Can a Mi TV Box/Stick be controlled remotely?
A: It is still under construction. In the future, download commands can be initiated remotely.

Q: What is the difference between a Mi TV Box/Sticks and an Apple TV/Box?
A: The Mi TV Box/Stick has more abundant features and more compatible formats. By connecting an iPhone/iPad to the Mi TV Box/Stick, you can also have access to these formats and features.

Q: Many Internet video companies only have the copyright of broadcasting on computers and mobile phones, but not the copyright of playing on TV. Will there be policy risks?
A: We cooperate with companies with copyright resources. The Mi TV Box/Stick is just a platform for aggregating the content.

Q: When switching videos and WI-FI links, the machine is often stuck, what is the reason?
A: When switching between video and Wi-Fi connection, data transmission may be unstable when the network connection starts (causing a stuck machine). In this case, reboot the machine by removing it from the power source for 5 seconds.

Q: Does Mi TV Box/Stick support simultaneous viewing of TV programs?
A: According to the current radio and television policy, Mi TV Box/Stick cannot add live channels. Where such policies do allow, the Mi TV Box/Sticks can increase the live TV options on demand. 

Q: How to pair my Bluetooth remote control?
A: Hold the remote controller as close to the TV as possible (no less than 30cm away). Long press the HOME+MENU or SELECTION+HOME button on the remote. The pairing process will appear on the screen.

Q: The Mi TV Box/Stick is stuck in Boot loop mode or completely frozen?
A: Power off and unplug the Mi TV Box/Stick. Press and hold the BACK+SELLECTION buttons together on the remote controller. While holding both buttons, reinsert the Mi TV Box/Stick’s power supply to your wall socket. Keep holding both buttons for around 15 seconds. Next, a recovery screen will appear. From the recovery screen’s menu, choose: WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET. The device will reboot and prompt to reconnect the Bluetooth remote. (Please note that user data will be lost; such as installed Apps and Wi-Fi Settings. Only data that was backed up on the google account can be restored during setup).

Q: Does Mi TV Box/Sticks come with Data Saver option?
A: Yes, the Mi TV Box/Stick comes pre-loaded with Data Saver. It helps users enjoy smart TV features via a phone hotspot while conserving data usage. You can stream up to 3 times with the same daily limit. Data Saver also includes two additional features such as Data counter and ability to “View phone media” on TV.

Q: How to install more apps and games on Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: Mi TV Stick comes with Google’s Play Store, which supports 5000+ apps and games globally, especially made for TV. Users can search their fav apps/games on Google Play Store and easily download from there.

Q: Can I use my TV remote to control my Mi TV Box/Stick?
A: Yes, you can. You just have to enable the CEC function on both the Mi TV Box/Stick and your TV. For TV Box/Sticks: SETTINGS > DEVICE PREFERENCES > HDMI CEC > ENABLE CEC SWITCH For TV: Check your TV Guide, and follow the TV User Manual

Q: What are the audio decoders supported on Mi TV Stick?
A: The Mi TV Box/Stick supports Dolby Audio and DTS Digital decoders, and MP3, WMA, AAC, Flac, OGG audio formats.

Q: Does Mi TV Box/Stick have DSTV NOW?
A: The Mi TV Box/Sticks are Google certified, and the DSTV NOW App is available for download from the Google Play Store. It is simple to use and portable, easy to take out, never miss an episode when you are away from home - only 3 steps to set up and use. Powered by Android TV 9.0 for superior functionality.

Q: Can you watch Netflix on Mi stick?
A: To connect your Xiaomi device to your Netflix account, make sure you are on the HOME screen and follow these steps: Select the NETFLIX app from the Selection of pre-installed apps. NETFLIX should be the first app listed. Once in the Netflix app, select SIGN IN and follow the instructions on the screen.

Q: What is the difference between Mi TV Stick and Mi Box S?
A: The Mi TV Stick is powered by 1GB of RAM while the Mi Box S is powered by 2GB of DDR3 RAM. So that's better performance to the Mi Box S. Another obvious and probably major one is the new Mi TV Stick supports 1080p Full HD videos while the older Mi Box S supports 4K at 60fps videos.

Mi Bands & Smart Watches

Q: Does the Mi Smart Band 4, 5, 6 & 7 come with a heart rate sensor?
A: Yes, the Mi Smart Band 4 comes with a heart rate sensor with 24/7 heart rate monitoring option available.

Q: Can the Mi Band be worn while swimming/under the shower?
A: Yes, with a 5ATM rating, the Mi Band is waterproof at a depth of up to 50 meters. (Applicable to Band 4-7 only)

Q: How do I view my sleep and activity data on my Mi Band?
A: Sleep, step, calorie, and other activity data can be viewed in detail on the ZEPP LIFE App which is available to be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Q: Can I use Mi Band 3 straps with Mi Band 4?
A: Yes, Mi Band 3 straps can be used with Mi Band 4 & 5.

Q: Can I use Mi Band 3 charging cable with Mi Smart Band 4?
A: No, Mi Band 3 charging cables will not be compatible with Mi Band 4. A separate charging cable for the Mi Band 4 is available in-box on purchase of the Mi Band 4.

Q: The Mi Fitness App does not seem to support the Mi Band?
A: Please download the "ZEPP Life" (Formerly known as Mi Fitness) from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Q: Can a Mi Band receive calls?
A: No, you cannot use your Mi Band to answer or take calls, you can only reject them. Mi Bands are notification devices mainly to notify you of incoming calls and messages.

Q: Does Mi Band have Whatsapp?
A: If you are a Whatsapp user, the Mi Band 5,6 & 7 is able to send your Whatsapp notifications to the Band. To enable this feature, open the Settings menu on your phone. Then scroll and choose: NOTIFICATIONS > APP NOTIFICATIONS > and ENABLE the notifications feature next to the WhatsApp icon.

Q: Can a Mi Band play Music directly from the Band?
A: No. The Mi Band can be used to control the music that is stored on your smartphone, directly from your wrist. Regardless of the music service you prefer, you can pause, play, skip, or adjust the volume of your favorite music.

Q: Does all Mi Bands have built-in GPS?
A: No. Only the Mi Band 7 Pro is fitted with built-in GPS, which is an upgrade over the standard Mi band 7 (non-Pro) version and its predecessors. This means a larger screen and an onboard fitness tracker. 

Q: Does Mi Band 6 have a camera?
A: In this version you can take photos remotely with the Mi Band 6. To access the option: scroll the menu until you reach the MORE option, tap it, and find the CAMERA section.

Q: How to connect/pair & synchronize my Mi Band with my phone?
A: Please download the "ZEPP Life" (Formerly known as Mi Fitness) from Google Play or Apple App Store. After installing the App, open it and tap the PROFILE widget at the bottom of the screen. Setup your profile and health BIOS using your existing Mi Account credentials. If you do not have a Mi Account, you can register and create an account from this link: https://account.xiaomi.com. After signing in the App with your Mi Account profile, select the HOME PAGE widget at the bottom of the ZEPP LIFE App. Tap the + ADD DEVICE option on the top right-hand side of the screen. Choose the BAND widget at the top of the list. Agree to the terms and choose the QR CODE or NO QR CODE option. If the Mi Band has do not have a QR CODE option, it will start searching for your model automatically. Once your model appears, select, and tap PAIR. If your Mi Band does support the QR CODE option, please tap on the QR CODE widget, and scan the QR CODE displayed on your Band face with the phone. Once the Band Model is identified tap PAIR. If the App prompts that an Update is available, ensure the Band is fully charged, then proceed to download the update on the phone. Once the download is complete, the phone will start syncing the update to your Band, this process may take several minutes. During this time keep the phone and Band together very closely and don’t power off or interrupt the syncing process in anyway.

Q: How to connect/pair & sync my Mi Smart Watch with my phone?
A: Please download the "Mi Fitness" App from Google Play or Apple App Store. After installing the App, open it and create a Mi profile with your existing Mi Account Username and Password. If you do not have a Mi Account, please create one by visiting: https://account.xiaomi.com. Ensure that your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is enabled on your mobile phone. Ensure your Watch is powered on. On the HEALTH screen tap the + ADD DEVICE option on the top right-hand side of the screen. At the bottom of the next screen, tap ADD MODEL and select your model from the icon list. The phone will take a few seconds to discover your watch. Once discovered, select PAIR. After successfully PAIRING the watch, at the bottom of the screen, tap on the DEVICE icon. Your watch face will be visible on this screen. Tap on SYNC to successfully sync the time and your health BIOS. If the App prompts that an Update is available, ensure that the Watch is fully charged, then proceed to download the update on the phone. Once the download is complete, the phone will start syncing the update to your Watch, this may take several minutes. During this time keep the phone and watch together very closely, and don’t power off or interrupt the syncing process in anyway.

Q: Can a Mi Band be paired to an Apple/IOS phone?
A: Yes, simply download the "ZEPP Life" (Formerly known as Mi Fitness) from the Apple App Store.

Q: Can I use Mi Band with other apps?
A: You might be using some other workout-tracking Apps. Some of these Apps let you attach external Bluetooth trackers like heart-rate trackers, cadence trackers, etc. You can do the same in Strava or similar workout Apps as well. 

Q: How long does a Mi Band battery last?
A: The Mi Band generally has a two-week battery life depending on the type of activities that are used in the background such as; the Fitness Mode, SpO2, HR, Sleep Monitoring, Women's Health Tracking, Alarms, Music Control etc.

Q: Why is my Mi Band draining so fast?
A: Give your new Mi Band a few charging cycles before determining if there's a battery issue or not. High power consumption out of the box could be down to first boot operations, installing updates, bugs not yet patched in the launch software.

Q: Does the Mi Band have a microphone?
A: Mi Bands don’t have physical buttons or crowns on the side faces, but some versions (like the 7 series) do have a microphone hole on the right-hand side. Unfortunately, this is not for phone calls. This port is used for the Chinese voice assistant. (Later updates may accommodate Alexa).

Q: The Mi Band/Watch is not keeping time or losing time?
A: Restart or Reset and re- PAIR / SYNC your Mi Band/Smart Watch to your phone by following the RESTART or RESET steps for each of the different models/variants: Mi Band 4, 5 & 6 Tap on the screen to wake up your device. Scroll down to MORE > SETTINGS > REBOOT and tap the checkmark to confirm. Mi Band 7 & 7 Pro Tap on the screen to wake up your device. Scroll down to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > RESTART and tap the checkmark to confirm. Xiaomi Smart Watch Lite, S1 & S1 Active Tap on the screen to wake up your device. Go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > RESET and tap the checkmark to confirm. Xiaomi Smart Watch 2 Lite Tap on the screen to wake up your device. Press and hold the SIDE button. Keep holding it until you a reboot/reset MENU on the screen. Once this menu appears tap on the REBOOT or RESET.

Q: How do you activate tap to pay on Xiaomi S1 Active watch?
A: 1. Open the Mi Fitness App and select the DEVICE widget at the bottom of the App screen. Scroll down and select XIAOMI PAY, then enter the Master Card details that will be used to make purchases.
2. On the Watch, press the HOME key on the side of your Watch. Enter the Watch MENU and tap the WALLET icon. Select the MASTER CARD that will be used to Tap & Pay for purchases.

Q: Connectivity issues between Mi Smart Bands/Watches and the phones.
A: Try restarting/rebooting the Band/Watch/Phone. If still no connection, please follow the PAIRING and SYNC procedures. As a last resort, perform the RESET procedure.

Mi Vacuums and Mops

Q: What is the warranty on the product?
A: The product comes with a 1-Year warranty on manufacturing defects. Consumables such as rollers, brushes, wheels, mopping pad, etc. is considered wear-and-tear items, and are not covered under warranty.

Q: Why is my Mi Robot vacuum mop not turning on?
A: Check whether the battery level is sufficient, the vacuum-mop needs to have a battery level of at least 20% or more to start a scheduled clean-up. Also check whether the scheduled cleanup is planned during the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) period, as it might prevent the machine to start cleanup.

Q: Why did my vacuum suddenly stop working?
A: Check that the vacuum cleaner is plugged into a working power outlet. An activated thermal cut-out due to a blockage is the next most probable cause of the problem. Check for blockages in the hose and filters and remove any visible obstructions.

Q: What is the most common cause for malfunction?
A: The most common problems found in vacuum cleaners are low suction force, excessive noise, burning smell, vacuum not turn on, and overheating. These issues can be fixed by either cleaning the device or replacing some parts of the device. At times, it is best to seek a professional to fix the cleaner effectively.

Q: Why did my vacuum turn off and won’t turn back on?
A: If your vacuum was working fine and then suddenly shut off, it may have overheated. Most vacuums are equipped with a thermal protector safety switch that won't allow the motor to run when it becomes overheated. You will need to wait for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your machine, to try again. If the problem persists, seek professional assistance.

Q: Why is my Mi Robot vacuum still not working?
A: If your Xiaomi vacuum is not working as expected, a reset may rectify this. To reset the machine, press and hold the STANDBY button. Keep it pressed for about 3 seconds. You will hear a voice message "Return to initial factory settings" in English or Chinese. Release the STANDBY button. Press the POWER button once again and hold it for over 3 seconds, to start up.

Q: Why is my Xiaomi vacuum blinking?
Blinking orange: Error/Returning to dock to charge when running low battery.
Slowly blinking white: Charging (the battery level is more than 20%).
Blinking white: Returning to dock to charge.
Paused white: Cleaning complete or fully charged.
This product must be connected to the Xiaomi Home app*

Q: How can I get consumables like mopping mat and sweeping brush?
A: Consumables can be purchased from the nearest Xiaomi Service Center.

Q: Why is my vacuum not charging?
A: The problem may lie in the electrical outlet, the charging dock, or the battery. Try plugging your vacuum cleaner into another outlet. If this did not resolve the problem, contact a certified Xiaomi professional.

Q: Where can I get a battery replacement?
A: Battery replacements are available from our After Sales Centers.

Q: Can I use a disinfectant for the mop? What is the approved disinfectant to be used for mopping?
A: No. It is strictly forbidden to use cleaners like detergent, disinfectant, or solid cleaners, as it may cause clogging, or corrosion to the 2-in-1 dust compartment and water tank. Please clean the filter regularly as well as the filler and filter openings.

Q: Does it work on a wet floor?
A: It is not advisable to use the machine on a wet floor. Liquid can enter the machine and cause internal damage during the vacuuming session.

Q: Is there an option to replace the mopping cloth attached to this device?
A: Yes. Mop cloth/pad can be replaced. Please refer to user manual for details.

Q: What is the lowest height the vacuum cleaner can pass under?
A: It can pass under a gap of 10cm or higher.

Q: What should I be aware of before using the vacuum-mop?
A: Please tidy up cables, and remove any objects that are easily knocked over, fragile, valuable, or potentially dangerous items to avoid the vacuum-mop from getting entangled, stuck, or dragging around or knocking over objects, causing personal injuries or property damage. Please follow the vacuum-mop during its first clean-up to help it deal with minor issues that may exist. After the initial clean-up, the vacuum-mop can clean-up independently. In clean-up mode the dust compartment or the 2-in-1 dust compartment with water reservoir can be installed. It is recommended to vacuum before mopping when there is too much dust on the floor.

Q: Is the laser distance sensor harmful for eyes, children, or pets?
A: The red laser ray emitted by the laser distance sensor complies with IEC60825-1:2014 Class 1 laser safety standards and does not generate dangerous radiation. In addition, the emitted laser power consumption is extremely low, and does not harm children or pets.

Q: The mop is not pairing with the Mi home app. How to pair?
A: Please click on this link, there you can follow the step to connect your mop to your home app: How to pair vacuum mop with Mi Home app

Q: Which Wi-Fi Networks are supported on the vacuum mop?
A: Only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks are supported.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeders

Q: Wi-Fi Specification
2.4GHz Wi-Fi only

Q: Working Frequency
2412–2472 MHz

Q: Maximum Output Power
19 dBm

Q: LED Indicators
a. Feeder
Blue: Feeder is Online
Blinking blue: Feeder is waiting for Connection
Orange: Feeder is Offline
b. Dispenser
White: Dispensing
Blinking orange: Cover not closed
Orange: Dispensing error, please clean the dispensing tube
Indicator off: Plenty of food remaining
Blinking orange: Insufficient food, please refill the food compartment
Note: The feeder may be malfunctioning if these three indicators are orange at the same time, please contact the after-sales service team for a solution.

Q: How do I reset the Wi-Fi Network or Restore the feeder to Factory Settings?
A: Use a needle-shaped object to press and hold the Wi-Fi reset button for two seconds. When the Wi-Fi indicator blinks blue, the Wi-Fi has been reset successfully, and the feeder has been restored to factory settings. Note: The data will be cleared after reset. Please reconnect the feeder with the app to have your custom settings.

Q: How do I Enable or Disable the Wi-Fi Network?
A: To enable or disable the Wi-Fi, use a proper tool to press and hold the Wi-Fi reset button for seven seconds. The Wi-Fi indicator is off when the Wi-Fi is disabled, and the indicator blinks blue when the Wi-Fi is reset successfully.

Q: The Feeder is not connected or dropping from the Wi Fi Network?
A: Check for other devices near the feeder that use internet or wireless signals, like a laptop. Move the feeder away from the object or closer to the router. Open the Xiaomi Home app. On the home screen, tap the SETTINGS button. Select WI-FI NETWORK. Note: During blackouts, the pet feeder may disconnect from the Wi Fi network, even though the router is on a back up system. In this case, please fit 2x size AA batteries (1.5V) in the feeder’s battery compartment.

Mi Scooter FAQ & Error Codes

Q: What are the restrictions & requirements are for persons riding the Scooter?
A: The Scooter is designed for persons with a height between 120-200cm. The maximum load is 100kg. The maximum gradient the Scooter is able to ride is 14%(1S),20%(Pro2). The age requirements depend on the local laws. Moreover, please do not ride the E-Scooter if you are not in a physical or mental condition or are under drug/medicine or alcohol influence.

Q: How to Hard Reset the Mi Electric Scooter 3
1. Ensure the Mi E-Scooter 3 is turned off. If not, press the Power Key and hold it until the Mi E-Scooter 3 dashboard display is blacked out.
2. Now you need to use both hands, and press the 1 Power Button, 2 Throttle and 3 Brake Lever simultaneously.
3. Hold them all for 3 seconds or longer
4. On the display a red 14 and little red wrench symbol will appear
5. The Scooter will play a few short beeping sounds
6. After that, you can release all buttons and levers and the Hard Reset is complete
7. Now, the Bluetooth and other settings have been reset and the scooter is ready to connect with your smartphone again

Q: The Scooter keeps beeping, and its speed is limited to 6 km/h. Is it defective?
A: The E-Scooter without being activated will keep beeping when turned on and its speed is limited to 6 km/h. You need to install the Mi Home app and follow the on-screen instructions in the app to activate your scooter for the first use. The beeping sound will not stop until the scooter is activated.

Q: Does the scooter have a load limitation?
A: The Max load is 100 kg. However, if your weight is over the limitation, the usage of the Scooter is under your sole responsibility.

Q: Can the scooters be ridden on rainy days?
A: Although the Scooter is water resistant, it has a certification of IP54. However, we recommend to not drive the Scooter on rainy days, bad weather, snow or in general on wet surfaces due to the nature of the vehicle. Please follow the safety instructions as well in the manual.

Q: Which accessories are included within the original packaging?
A: The packaging includes an: Instruction Manual, Legal Statement, Extended Gas Nozzle, Screw X4, Six Angle Wrench, Charging Adapter, Spare Tire (Only 1S and Pro2 versions has a spare tire*1).

Q: What type of battery does the scooter use?
A: The Scooter uses a Lithium-Ion battery, and the rated power of the charger is 70W.

Q: How long does it take to charge?
A: The charging time is around 5 - 7.5 hours
Model: (1S) 5 Hours
Model: (Pro2) 7.5 Hours (depending on the certain conditions like temperature, charging status and others).

Q: How long is the battery life?
A: Under regular conditions, the battery can manage more than 500 charging cycles (0-100) and still remain more than 70% of the initial power capacity. To get the best experience and a long battery life you should avoid usage below 10℃ or higher than 40℃ and should avoid storage below 20℃ or Above 50℃. If you are not using the battery for more than 30 days, you should re-charge the battery to 80% before the next use. In general batteries shall be stored in a dry place and re-charged every 30 days if not used. Note: Batteries may suffer a so called “over discharge” if not charge frequently.

Q: Can I remove the battery by myself?
A: Under no circumstances should the battery removed by a non-certified/non-professional. You might put yourself in danger and lose your warranty. Please read the manual to get further instructions.

Q: What should I do if I forgot or changed my password after setting up the password?
A: If you forget it, please push the brake and accelerator to the bottom, and then shut down, start again and the password will be cleared.

Q: How do I clear the password?
A: Please push the brake and accelerator to the bottom, and then shut down, start again and the password will be cleared.

Q: How much air pressure must I apply to the pneumatic tire?
A: The maximum tire pressure (rear and front) can be inflated to 45-50psi, and it is recommended to check the tire pressure regularly.

Q: Why is my Scooter battery failing to charge?
A: There may be two reasons:
Charger Fault:
If the charger is plugged into the power supply,observe the indicator light of the charger. if not on or the red light is on (normally the green light is on), it means there is something wrong with the charger.
The Battery is completely Discharged:
If the Scooter is not used or charged for a long time, it is likely that the battery is completely discharged. please contact the xiaomi support team to get further advice in any of the above cases.

Q: Can I leave my xiaomi scooter charging overnight?
A: Yes, all the Scooters and E-bikes that we sell have an automatic cut off in the battery management system that will stop charging when the battery is full.

Q: How do you know when Xiaomi scooter is fully charged?
A: The scooter is fully charged when the LED on the charger changes from red (charging) to green (trickle charge).

Q: Should I charge my scooter after every ride?
A: It is not necessary to charge your scooter every day or charge after every ride. The best practice is to keep the battery between 30% to 80%. However, if you are going on a long ride then give the scooter a full charge.

Q: What is the top speed that my Scooter can reach?
A: 30 km/h

Q: Problems with the folding mechanism?
A: The Xiaomi Mi scooter has been designed for easy handling and portability. Therefore, it is equipped with a folding mechanism, thanks to which you can easily and quickly fold the scooter and carry it easily. Older Xiaomi Mi M365 models were equipped with an aluminum folding latch, which was more prone to breakage. Newer models already have a stronger ferromagnetic latch. However, if you want to ensure maximum safety, there are also heavy-duty latches that are twice as durable. If you notice any problem with the folding mechanism, contact our Xiaomi service center.

Q: Shaking / swinging of handlebars?
A: If you notice shaking or rocking of the handlebars on your electric scooter, it is ideal to have the scooter serviced, as this can be a problem for your safety.

Q: The scooter cannot be switched on?
A: There can be several reasons why you cannot turn on the Xiaomi scooter. One of the reasons may be watering. Xiaomi Mi M365 has water resistance IP54. This means that light rain or splashing with water should not be a problem. However, more intense rain or streams of water could be a real problem. Therefore, to protect your electric scooter and prevent the problem, purchase a protective waterproof cover for the dashboard. However, if you already fit with a non-functional button, and you can't turn on the Xiaomi Mi scooter, it is advisable to bring it to our Xiaomi service center for diagnostics.

Q: Damaged to the charging port cover?
A: The small red cover that covers the charging port is designed to protect it from dust or water. It is made of rubber, for easier handling, but if managed carelessly you can damage it. Fortunately, the replacement decorative cover of the charging connector is inexpensive and easy to replace. Loosen the two screws, insert the decorative cover, and pull the screws back.

Q: Broken fender?
A: When riding a Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter, you may accidentally step on the rear fender and break it. A replacement can be purchased, and if you are not comfortable replacing it, contact our Xiaomi service center.

Q: Broken or damaged taillight?
A: The taillight on the Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter can fail in two ways: the first problem can occur over time, due to oxidation, and the second problem can occur if your rear fender breaks or damages. A replacement taillight is available to purchase from our service center and easy to fit. However, in some cases it may be more complicated to resolve and changing the taillight will also require removing the tire. In this case, it is best to contact our Xiaomi service center.

Q: Brake pads are worn or need replacing?
A: The Xiaomi Mi M365 Scooter has a rear disc brake that needs to be adjusted from time to time by tightening the two hex nuts. However, with frequent driving and normal wear and tear, the brake pads will need to be replaced. New brake pads for the Xiaomi Mi M365 scooter can be replaced by a Xiaomi service center.

Q: Tire and inner tube defects?
A: If you have a flat tire or the tire tread is depleted, you have two options. You can either replace the tire yourself or take it to a Xiaomi service center for replacement. For more frequent punctured, it might be convenient to purchase a durable tubeless tire.

Q: Why does my Xiaomi scooter keep turning off?
A: This issue is usually a faulty or old worn-out battery pack. The electric scooter speed controller which is wired in between the battery and motor has a low voltage cutoff function. It turns the motor off when the voltage of the battery or battery pack drops to a 0 % charge state.

Q: Error 14 code: Broken Throttles?
A: Throttle breakages that lead to error code 14 or if the scooter fails to engage the motor. A small magnetic switch inside the throttle usually communicates with the motherboard to tell the motor to engage but an aggressive hit can break them easily. It is a fairly easy to repair on most models. It is recommended to contact our Xiaomi service center for repair.

Q: Error 15 code: Broken brake levers?
A: Another frequent problem is broken brake lever handles. A broken internal magnet or broken handle can result in an error code 15 that will stop the scooter from being able to operate. It is recommended to contact our Xiaomi service center for repair.

Q: Folding pole/stem replacement?
A: Damaged folding poles. Over time, the clamp can degrade and cause your stem to wobble and make your ride uncomfortable. A crash can also cause it to snap. It is recommended to contact our Xiaomi service center for repair.

Q: Motherboard, Motor and Dashboard issues?
A: The electrical components in scooters are particularly susceptible to water damage and damage due to overheating. If you are scooter is not turning on or showing you an error code, contact our Xiaomi service center.

Q: Battery issues?
A: Batteries are the most expensive part of your scooter and extra care should be taken to look after it to avoid an expensive replacement. We can advise you on the best way to maintain its lifespan. Please contact our Xiaomi service center.

Q: Recommendations and Tips
If you decide to repair the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter yourself, pay attention to the basic points:
- Make sure you use the special tools.
- When mounting, pay attention to the fragile parts of the connectors.
- Evaluate the functionality of the part before mounting.
- Carry out the repair in a dry and dust-free environment, without direct sunlight.
- Xiaomi is not liable for any damage you cause during such repair.
If you have no experience with replacing spare parts, we recommend that you contact our Xiaomi service center.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker

Q: How to link the Xiaomi Home App with Google Home App
A: Download the Mi Home App from the App Store:
- Register a new Mi Account, Sign In with an existing Mi account, or Login using your Google Account
- Go to the Google Home App, or download it from the App Store if not already installed on your phone
- Open Google “HOME” App
- Tap the “SETTINGS” icon
- Scroll down to “WORKS WITH GOOGLE” menu option and tap it to open
- Search for “MI HOME” and tap on the icon to select it
- On the next screen, choose “CONTINUE”
- You will be re-directed to your Mi Account or Google Sign In page
- Use your account credentials to Sign In and it will successfully link your Mi Home App to Google Home

Q: How to connect the Mi Smart Speaker to Mi Home & Google Home
A: Open the Mi Home App from your phone
- Add the Mi Smart Speaker by tapping the “+” icon in the top right-hand corner of the Home screen
- When prompted, choose: “ADD A DEVICE”
- On the WI-FI SETTINGS Page, enable the Wi-Fi network that will be used to connect all your Smart Home devices. The Wi-Fi network need to be the same Network that is connected to all your products
- Return to the previous screen
- Your phone will automatically start searching for the Smart Speaker
- Ensure your phone is as close to the Mi Smart Speaker as possible.
- When found, please tap on the Speaker Icon, and “ADD”
- Close the Mi Home App and open the GOOGLE HOME app
- In the left corner of the HOME screen, tap on the “+” symbol, and on the next screen choose: “SETUP DEVICE”
- Choose “NEW DEVICE”
- Choose the HOME that you want to assign the Mi Smart Speaker to, and tap NEXT (You might be prompted to accept the LOCATION ACCESS terms)
- TURN WI-FI ON and tap “ACTIVATE” to select the Wi-Fi Network that was chosen earlier
- Ensure the Mi Smart Speaker is ON.
- Hold the “+” and “-” symbols on the Smart Speaker buttons simultaneously until the option to “CONNECT” appears on the screen.
- After connecting, the Mi Smart Speaker will be available to access from the Google Home Screen and is ready to receive commands or cast your favorite services from your phone.
- Ensure your GOOGLE ASSISTANT is enabled to enjoy the very best experience from ‘Ok Google’.

Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p

Congratulations on your purchase of the Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p. This camera is designed to provide a reliable and secure surveillance solution for your home or office. This user manual will guide you through the setup process to ensure your camera is up and running in no time.

Step 1: Insert the Micro USB Power Cable
Start by connecting the micro USB power cable to the camera and plugging it into a power outlet.

Step 2: Reset the Camera
Press and hold the reset button located at the bottom of the camera until you hear a confirmation sound. This will reset the camera to its default settings.

Step 3: Connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Signal/Router
Make sure your phone is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. The camera does not support, and will not recognize 5GHz Wi-Fi signals. Stand as close as possible to the router to ensure a strong connection.

Step 4: Open the Xiaomi Home App
Download and open the Xiaomi Home App on your phone.

Step 5: Add the Camera
Tap the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen to add a new device.

Step 6: Scan the 2D Barcode
Choose "Scan" and then scan the 2D barcode located at the bottom of the camera. Make sure it is in focus.

Step 7: Connect to an available Wi-Fi Signal (2.4 GHz)
Hold your phone as close as possible to the camera while the connection is searched and being initiated. When the scanning is successful, the Wi-Fi network name will appear. Enter the Wi-Fi password for this network and click next.

Step 8: Nick Naming Your Device
Choose or enter a nickname for the device or keep it the same.

Step 9: Choose a Room
Select the room where the device will be located.

Step 10: Remote Pairing/Streaming
After the pairing is successful, you can disconnect your phone from the Wi-Fi network, and the camera will continue to use the same Wi-Fi router that was used during setup. The camera will be accessible from any network or Wi-Fi signal from your phone/Xiaomi App as long as it remains connected to the same router that was used during setup.

Important Notes:
If the router or Wi-Fi signal is changed, the camera needs to be reset again, and connected with the new router's signal as explained from step 1.

Xiaomi Home App

Q: What should I do if the hub cannot connect to the Wi-Fi?
1. Hold your phone close to the hub when connecting.
2. Enable Wi-Fi on your phone.
3. Connect your phone to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.
4. When the app indicates that the hub could not connect, please reset the hub by pressing and holding its button for ten seconds until the indicator light starts blinking orange.

Q: Where should I install the hub?
1. The hub needs to be plugged into a power outlet.
2. To ensure a stable connection with child devices, it is recommended to install the hub in a central location and maintain a distance of 2 - 6 meters from the wireless router.
3. Avoid metal obstacles and load-bearing walls between the hub and its child devices, and between the hub and the router.

Q: Can I pair the hub directly with my app without connecting to the Wi-Fi?
A: No, make sure your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi and then connect to the hub via the app.

Q: What is the maximum distance between a child device and the hub, and does the signal pass through walls?
A: The effective distance range between a child device and the hub varies depending on the actual indoor environment. For household use, the distance between a child device and the hub should be no more than 20 meters and there should be no more than two walls between them.

Q: How do I verify whether a location is suitable for installing a Zigbee child device?
A: After successfully connecting a Zigbee child device, try to trigger the child device before installing it, to see if the child device's status is updated in the app. Otherwise, refer to the method on how to verify the connection between the child device and the hub (press reset button for most child devices). The hub will beep twice to indicate that the child device is within effective range.

Q: Why does the child device keep going offline?
1. It may be placed too far from the hub or there may be metal obstacles in between, try moving it closer to the hub.
2. The battery may be depleted and needs to be replaced.
Note: In order to achieve an optimal experience, please update the hub's firmware in time to ensure compatibility and a stable communication between devices.

Q: How do I identify different child devices of the same type paired with the same hub?
A: You can view the device logs to identify different devices. When adding devices, it is recommended to categorize devices based on their installation location or intended use and rename them via the app.

Q: How do I set up a smart scene?
1. Tap Automation on the homepage of the Mi Home or Xiaomi Home app, tap the "+" icon in the top right corner and select the trigger device and condition. Finally, select the device and the result to conduct.
2. For example: Turn on the light when the motion sensor is triggered by someone. Tap the "+" icon in the top right corner, select the motion sensor as the trigger device and set motion detected as the condition. Finally, select a light and select turn on as the result to carry out to complete the smart scene.

Q: Why can some smart scenes still be carried out and some cannot be carried out when the hub is disconnected from the network?
1. Depending on the conditions and results of a smart scene, smart scenes are divided into cloud and local automation. The smart scenes executed manually are cloud automation. For the smart scenes executed automatically, the automation mode can be checked in more settings of the selected scene.
2. Cloud automation smart scenes rely on the network to send a command from the trigger device to the cloud, and the cloud sends the corresponding command to the execution device. Therefore, once the internet connection is lost, the smart scene cannot be conducted.
3. Local automation smart scenes rely on the hub, that is, the trigger device sends a command to the hub when it is triggered, and the hub sends the corresponding command to the execution device via Bluetooth, Zigbee, or LAN. So even if the router is not connected to the Internet, the smart scene can still be carried out as long as there is a normal connection between the hub and the execution device.

Q: How do I add Zigbee child devices to the hub?
1. Zigbee child devices can only connect to the Mi Home or Xiaomi Home app via a hub. Select the hub to pair with while connected to the Mi Home or Xiaomi Home app.
2. If you want to connect a Zigbee child device to a different hub, please delete it from the homepage in the Mi Home or Xiaomi Home app first. Then add it again and select the hub you want to pair it with.
3. You can view the list of child devices paired with the hub in the plug-in of the hub.

Q: Why am I unable to remotely control the hub and its child devices after accessing the HomeKit?
A: After adding the hub to the Apple Home app, you also need to set up a HomePod, Apple TV (iOS 11.0 or above), or iPad (iOS 12.0 or above) in order to control the hub remotely. Please refer to Apple Home app notifications for specific operations.

Q: Why can't I find some child devices in the Apple Home app?
A: When the hub is added to the Apple Home app, only child devices that support HomeKit are displayed in the Apple Home app. Devices without "Works with Apple HomeKit" authorization cannot access HomeKit.

Q: What is guard mode?
A: In guard mode, devices set as a trigger device will trigger the hub's alert and the hub will send notifications to the phone when a trigger condition is met. In daily life, different scenarios require different areas and objects to be guarded. Therefore, the Mi Smart Home Hub offers four different guard modes (basic, at-home, away-from-home, and sleep) to meet different usage scenarios.

Q: How does basic guard work?
1. Basic guard is automatically enabled when any child device is added to the hub, and it cannot be disabled. Whenever the child device's trigger condition is met while in this mode, it will trigger the hub's alert. Basic guard is automatically disabled when no child device is added to the hub.
2. Gas detectors, smoke detectors, and water leak sensors that are paired with the hub already, will be configured in basic guard mode by default. Devices that do not require constant guarding, can be removed from the basic guard mode (gas detectors and smoke detectors cannot be used in other modes).

Q: Why does the hub beep twice?
1. Original firmware
The hub will beep twice when connected successfully for the first time and when reconnected successfully after being offline.
2. Firmware version 1.4.5_0005
The hub does not beep when connected successfully after unplugging and restarting.
3. Firmware version 1.4.5_0006 and above
The hub does not beep when connected successfully after being offline.

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